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Treasure Upgrade Infuser - Fall 2016


This consumable item unlocks ambient particle effects on the following items available through Fall Season 2016 Treasures: Crown of the Sacred Light for Omniknight; Wings of the Fatal Bloom for Venomancer; Helm of the Umizar Crawler for Slark; Wings of the Ethereal Monarch for Puck; Wings of Unfettered Malevolence for Night Stalker; Gauntlet of the Infernal Rambler for Lion; Shield of the Silent Edict for Silencer; Garb of the Corridan Maestro for Storm Spirit; Book of the Vizier Exile for Dark Seer; Foliage of Eldritch Gnarl for Treant Protector; Tunic of the Wandering Flame for Ember Spirit; Spaulders of the Psion Inquisitor for Templar Assassin; Tome of Forbidden Knowledge for Lich; Helm of the Primeval Predator for Bloodseeker; Diadem of the Elder Myth for Winter Wyvern; Pauldron of the Dreadborn Regent for Wraith King; Blade of the Fractured Order for Meepo; Mantle of the Blackguard Magus for Invoker, Mantle of the Truebark Adherent for Nature's Prophet; and Helm of the Dark Moon Stalker for Luna.

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