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Autographed Searing Dominator


The International 2015

Gift From: AbSeNTiA

Date Received: Mar 3, 2021 (13:43:54)

The old tales tell of a scion of the Dead God, who led an army of the dead before being betrayed and destroyed by her own restless minions as they sought to return to their slumber. Atop the head of the scion's undead champion sat the Searing Dominator, a helm that ignited the blood of its wearer to fuel its terrible power.

Buildings Destroyed: 329
Inscribed Gem
Autographed by Pyrion Flax
Autograph Rune
First Bloods: 14
Inscribed Gem
Godlike Sprees: 7
Inscribed Gem
Kills: 1361
Inscribed Gem

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